Wednesday, February 3, 2010

What Is Normal Cm Like Right Before Your Period Clear Then Mucus Before Period ?

Clear Then Mucus Before Period ? - what is normal cm like right before your period

Within 3 days I felt very wet. 7 days ago I had sex with my husband and my last time was by 10 April. I have abdominal pain and sometimes to some abdominal pain and cramps in the legs and add my stomach is very hot. My cm is not sticks, white only with a damp white / clear, clear, then. I am TTC and I waited a little too late because they had sex 6 or 7 days. Do you think that my period will commence shortly and this clearish inch plain white? Never before has this kind of thumb, before he to me, but I noticed that my cycle has changed. As I usually feel so bad, but last year, I havent ever managed. I also anexity and fear. So here is the clear standard cm a few days before the next time even if you have ever had or cm as before? Or do u think its a sign preagancy


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