Thursday, February 11, 2010

Pityriasis Rosea Sunbed Can The Scar From Pityriasis Rosea Heal?

Can the scar from pityriasis rosea heal? - pityriasis rosea sunbed

Approx. 3 months ago, I had rashes all over the chest .. I went to a dermatologist for consultation. She said yes, this restriction of the skin disease as pityriasis .. I was prescribed triamcinolone cream and antihistamines to relieve itching .. A few weeks after the outbreak was seen scars all over his body yet ... itch after his scars and visible on the legs .. speacially

Is there anything I can do to get rid of these scars?


Fly-Go-m... said...

Back to the doctor until you try fresh aloe. I'm no expert, but aloe is good to be afraid. is, when oil rose hip seed, but I do not know if you use it in an eruption. is used to remove scars, marks, etc.

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