Monday, February 22, 2010

Irs Payment Tracker ANYONE That Has Rec'd Their Stimulus Payment - PLEASE ANSWER This?

ANYONE that has rec'd their stimulus payment - PLEASE ANSWER this? - irs payment tracker

Well, I went into the "Where's my stimulus" payment this morning, and show no end, my check is on 16 May are sent out, although I will Accpeted (lol), when it comes. But again, the big question is now $ 300.00 - amount and beneficiaries of the Child Amount: € 0.00 (based on 0 qualifying children) have a son - a child of two years and the number of SS is on my return, shows 2 exceptions, but the website and the phone is saying that my data is not correct, if I were you, "2" for the work exceptions and entered "1" and has and c 'is what I found. So, I'm a little confused. So when you receive your refund, you will be an amount different from what obtained in the tracker - it gives you the number of eligible children. Please advise. I think with the IRS, but now I'm at work, and I do not know how long I can expect when you call tonight. But no answer now would be appreciated :-)


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