Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Hitsugaya Birthday Party Bleach What Should I Give My Friend For Her Birthday, Also Hitsugaya Amv Help?

What should I give my friend for her birthday, also Hitsugaya amv help? - hitsugaya birthday party bleach

OK, so called her Alexis and shes a very quiet girl. Shes turning 14 and his party holding at Disneyland (shes a rich Native American). There is also a little love anime. I just know she loves and bleach Vampire Knight, shes not a fan of twilight, but then again shes a very shy girl and so sweet.

So I may give it a unique gift. "I thought maybe Hitsugaya a doll of their favorite character or something metal VK Zero. He likes the band Green Day, so I thought that an AMV. Thus, any idea of an animated thing (was able to reach the end or in a shop somewhere?)

Which brings me to my second question.
What are the functional consequences Hitsugaya? I know he fought Aizen and Gin with Luffy. and Theresaa film after its founding. Each AMV / song ideas? (I thought about a vacation and my AMV Hitsugaya ...)

Any other information would be great. I will try to answer all questions
Thank you!


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