Saturday, February 13, 2010

Herpes And Clymidia Difference Tested For Std Came Back Clean....still Discharge And Garlic Smell?

Tested for std came back clean....still discharge and garlic smell? - herpes and clymidia difference

Me and my friend have had unprotected sex about a month. If protection is used, I noticed thick, sticky discharge curd almost like having sex. It has no smell. I was almost still a positive STD because it approximately 4 months before he and I have not really been tested, I'm afraid. He went so we started with unprotected sex, and turned to meet thick. One day, started his penis to itch like crazy and I began to smell the garlic! They decided to test for everything to be! The test came back clean. The Yeast Infection No no no HIV or herpes clymidia not gonnoreha! Nothing, absolutely fine. But I still have a thick discharge, no smell and smells stillsomeone has put garlic in my pants and let it all week. If I have an STD then what ??????


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