Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Guy Princess Peach Outfits I Think I'm In Over My Head On A Bet (Embarrassing)?

I think I'm in over my head on a bet (Embarrassing)? - guy princess peach outfits

I'm a little embarrassed by this, but I bet a few beers with friends. Whoever loses the bet, had to buy a suit and dress in the rest of the guys to vote. The loser would wear them all night and drink and do almost anything they want.

The gamble seemed fun at first, especially after a few beers. But apparently lost, and I do not think I can post because I heard what have you decided to go. (Costume corneal Princess Peach)

Here is an example of what I learned:% 5Fname = Clothing & img = is color = 0 & x

What made the challenge too difficult to manageis that they insist that I totally look the part. (including a wig, makeup, and everything that can go with it).

When I said no, hell, what should be done, I was offered an alternative. Could be my girlfriend drinks in the night-time, Fox also held. Now my girlfriend is awesome, and I think he could do something for me, but I do not know if this is correct.

I can not with the idea of a group of my friends just my friend and told him the whole night, while it is degrading. But he can not bear the thought of my slutty princess dress and with orders from them all night last.

I do not wantas a kind of fruit in the night, but I'm a total idiot is not my girlfriend.

Please help!


Vanessa said...

Dude, you're an idiot if you by your girlfriend, even if it was you who lost the bet.

This was his bet and you have to go through them. I find it absolutely hilarious that you have to look like a princess girly little ahead of your friends! I hope to get to see your girlfriend that you love, and invites to all his friends for the night.

They deserve to bet.

Oh, and only if you are. Here is the perfect little princess wig, you also take: ...

You need to make it through your make-up for the model in this picture, but the most spectacular lol.

If you do notThis gives you a coward. And if your girlfriend get worse while you are pathetic.

And so it was hard, but it's true. Have fun, LOL

James said...

Slutting seems to be present.

You need to have your girlfriend into something, you should choose a lipstick that is not fair. Get your opinion about the right tone.

The Stylish One said...

Living with games and a cake for the night.

Tenelax said...

I seriously do not take it personally

They have a bet. You have to live with it. Tho one thing: do not you, your girlfriend instead of you. This will have very negative consequences on their relationship.

Did you ever play? One thing you learn is that plays an important role, so do not take it personally. If you have the feeling of playing a role, it will be easy to **** me away.

Hex Rayne Jettisson said...

Take advantage of the success and the role of the stamp.

Honestly, I could say to your friends to have something much worse for an elected outift.

This is one of those moments that you follow the long, long, looong time, but also laugh with him.

The best option is not to disturb act / and take the loss of grace, dignity and humor. This makes it much easier for you as well and maybe even have a night of fun.

JB said...

Do not do the crime if you do not have the time ...

If you are not a jerk to his GF and then you have punished the people. If it sucks, it makes you feel like a fruit, but at least like a man.

If you do let your GF, so I hope they make you ***. sorry

He was from what has just made his days trapped. Be glad your friends are much, much better than I do. I agree with yours to lose some of my games. (

Frank said...

Frankly, I would not. I know this is not the right thing to do, but I did not. They are annoying to you, but ultimately prevails. In the future, to make a fool Paris.

Also remember that if they go ahead, what is probably the pictures on the internet forever.

T M said...

I'm very happy for the first three posters, says what he says. You see all the evils. Given the way the honor of what he says. When the type that the duties of his speech to one of the funniest things a person can do can be combined. If you have a bad attitude and think that something humiliating, then, is exactly what has been a bad experience. If you have a sense of humor and keep your promise, something that you laugh for the rest of his life.

What in their booth, which is quite low, participated. First, they are not the challenge that you accepted and then you meet someone who interests you? Not feel they would be something similar to what you feel now? Personally, I am surprised to hear, orIt is still a lot less than real.

I can see how the composition slide it on the edge a little, but if you just put the team in the wig and I doubt that the details take care of your friends is too small, especially when the composition was not agreed to the time of publication.

Also note that from this day his friends are unable to leave the farm in late trade. You have the last "I remember when ..."

The funny thing about my views on the situation here is that I have a friend who likes what they should have voluntarily tightened. Voluntarily. Because I thought it was funny, they all have. Anyone who has been granted Halloween, but still.

Be a man, even up to tOr your bets, and a good laugh. Sounds gravy as it should be enough anyway to day.

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