Thursday, February 4, 2010

Funny Spanish Wording Wedding Rsvp Cards Funny Sounding Spanish Words?

Funny sounding Spanish words? - funny spanish wording wedding rsvp cards

Do you know any Spanish words with meanings or No Fun Spanish words that look like fun?


America said...

proparoxytone is a pleasure. No English translation. What does "a Spanish word, based on the syllable, the syllables 2 after the last". Will it be emphasized?

Adoptive Father said...

I think this is funny: "Although the monkey in silk clothes still monkey."

Never heard of "you can not a silk purse with a sow's ear? Spanish is the (approximately):" Although the monkey dresses in silk is still a monkey. "It rhymes in Spanish.

So I think, speak the word "fun. If I remember correctly, talk (pronounced ah-blah-ie BA), that you have heard, or I can say.

MimicMol... said...

Next learn to speak Castilian. Because I have to say that you hear funny words. Castilian is more fun to listen to ... I sometimes say "Dee" common "instead of" devil. "Well, no, they say, is bad" does not say "Dee" common "

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