Friday, February 19, 2010

Body Lice Clipart Body Lice?

Body Lice? - body lice clipart

I itch all over! I think the human body louse. There is also little pepper pot looking things crawling on me. When I say everywhere I mean everywhere. in my hair "down there" arms and legs from my stomach. How to treat body lice? Why can you use regular shampoo, or what? and bodylice?


The Robster said...

Yes, it sounds like lice. Permethrin is safe and effective drugs. You can also try that lindane can be applied as a cream, lotion or shampoo, but not for children. It takes about 10 days to kill newly hatched lice.
Try not to spread to their eyes. It is very difficult to treat.
Lice are barely visible, wingless insects.

Scabies is an infestation of mites, but to characterize the small red beans with itching.

Cutie Pie said...

ick! only doctor around without us! Yuck!

rainbow_... said...

People say that the lice are visible, but at least once lice there for a while, you can see. I promise you that I have with many young people who had lice this summer, I was even what I have. Head lice are very much like mosquitoes, only slightly clearish brown-black. When they are young are very small. I would definitely call a doctor and tell him what was wrong and try to arrange an appointment.

add6139 said...

Sounds like scabies. Going to the doctor as soon as possible. They are very contagious and should be treated. We need not just a shampoo and bath gel, but it is necessary to obtain instructions to wash the leaves and away from home.

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