Sunday, February 7, 2010

Best Eye Shadow What Is The Best Eye Shadow For These Eye Colours?

What is the best eye shadow for these eye colours? - best eye shadow

What is the best eyeshadow color to use for the green / brown eyes and brown eyes? We both have brown skin and pale. The tabs are dark eyes.


richelle... said...

for eye color hazel, or purple would be better to make your eyes are green.

Val said...

I have the same kind of eye and hair color and skin type. Much depends on my mood. If I want to pop and say that I am at a party I like to dark green interior, exterior and use green went ... A style is fun though
for a company and not down the tone, I use a cream for my base and then outside, use any type of application lightly browned ... I do not want to be very dark ... I look at the type of smoke ... I wonder how a little under the eyes, but inward instead of outward. The third color is a dark caramel color .. This is from the areas not covered Garnet (also back under the light, not affected). Then make sure that all the colors mix well. ): At some point, I have a little touch of gold, when I used to say in a restaurant or a dinner ... But soon as they are easily made. You want to make sure that you do not exceed, if, instead of increasing their hides his eyes. I hope I helped: D

flick said...

Brown eyes, and with colors like brown, gold, copper ... black when it is used properly. Depending on your skin tone warm or cold - think about what color dress and from there it is usually best!

Bev M said...

Why do not you go into a store and make your face and see what they use it? It is usually free of charge.

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