Friday, January 22, 2010

Noni Drink I Want To Buy A Fruit/health Drink To Take. I Cant Decide Between Xango, Orovox, Goyin, Noni, And Monavie?

I want to buy a fruit/health drink to take. I cant decide between Xango, Orovox, Goyin, Noni, and Monavie? - noni drink

Vitamins, fruit drinks are the number one growing segment of the industry of healthcare. (One company called me to sell it to me told me that) this kind of feeling. Our body absorbs vitamins better represents a volume, such as trial in juice instead of a pill. My question is what mix of fruit is the best?


Mr. Peanut said...

My wife buys Monavie and swears by it. I think it is expensive and not worth it. But what should I do? I would say get a juicer.

lisalond... said...

and Trader Joe's juice, green plant has many good things for you in it.

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