Saturday, January 16, 2010

Load Testing Web Services Why Can I Not Connect To Bittorent Or Limewire?

Why Can I Not Connect To Bittorent or Limewire? - load testing web services

I can not connect to Bittorent 6.1.1 or LimeWire 4.18.8. I turned off my antivirus software, firewall software, I switched off and opened all necessary ports 6881-6999. It ensures that these programs have the appropriate permissions and share with your configuration.

Everything worked well for a few days.

I uninstalled windows update: Service Pak (sure it 1 or 2) I believe it was 2nd It worked very well "

Also updated BitTorrent 6.1.1 (I think that is when it comes to not start)

I have tried all the torrent clients over the Internet more and is still not getting no peers seeds. Just do not let me connect to any host
I can not check for updates, I get the message "can not connect to Bittorent Server Update".

If I can to choose a speed test and see if the ports are open, stop, it will be closed.

I opened all the ports on the windows, and through my router. But do not function.

All other programs that connect to the Internet arIt works seamlessly in MSN Messenger, Itunes Firefox Safari ETC .....

Apart from Internet Explorer to load a Web page, you can not connect. As strange !!!!!! examine all options to default and all my other browsers work well.

As with Limewire, I can not access. Even if my firewall is turned off the firewall also a symbol in the lower left corner of Limewire. When I mouse over them "see LimeWire has detected a firewall"

I searched all my programs and I have no other program that can block programs. (At least I do not think, unless they somehow hidden)

They do not know why suddenly these programs do not work.


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wishmast... said...

Try a system restore to go back before you installed the Windows updates and see if that solves the problem.
If so, then something is wrong with the update screwed the team.

SAM-The King of IT is back said...

I think that the BR can team should have a virus and U, is get a good antivirus AVG and sweet as regular updates on intrevals.

OU can use a torrent client like BitLord, Bit Comet is a good choice ....... The download is faster than others ....

Hope u like my answers ....

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