Sunday, January 31, 2010

Boat For Sale Ont Does Anyone Have A Boat For Sale In Melbourne In The Area Of $1200 HELP?

Does anyone have a boat for sale in melbourne in the area of $1200 HELP? - boat for sale ont

I am looking for a boat for sale in the region of Melbourne in the hope of spending 1200 $ or less Mabey. HELP


Steve T said...

Florida is the boat at this time fully utilized, because the economy has failed. Time

I just found over 300 products in the category of vessels less than $ 1200, many ships.

Chapman Nautical School in Stuart and other nonprofit organizations donated boats for sale.

Many boats Donations can be purchased here:

peebee47 said...

When I see what is usually to "Google Boats for Sale" and select "Results from Oz". Almost all regions get from the riders. Websites in general, you can specify the size of the course type, etc.
When a yacht, then go to the website class association and advice on value.
Otherwise, the boat and sailing clubs, and will ask what is available, you'll be surprised how many boats changing hands before going an announcement or brokers who are have not even dreamed of.

alwayssp... said...

I think you - there is ...

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