Thursday, December 17, 2009

Tech Deck Collection Checklist Are My Tech Decks From About 10 Years Ago Rare And Worth Anything?

Are my Tech Decks from about 10 years ago rare and worth anything? - tech deck collection checklist

Hello, I'm 21 and my friend wants to buy my old collection of Bridge Technology for only $ 10. I have a Birdhouse Jeremy Klein, Brad Staba Wash. McBride Blind Foundation, Ed Templeton, with purple Reaper, Rune Glifberg Flip, Rick McCrank Birdhouse, Birdhouse Andrew Reynolds, Arto Saari Flip, Birdhouse Bucky Lasek. All are in good condition or better, and if you want the collection you can send a picture for you to see. I just wanted to know if something is important, and if not as a collector might be interested.


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