Thursday, November 5, 2009

Liver Cancer Diagnosis More Condition_symptoms In Stage 4B Pancreatic Cancer W/ Liver, Bladder Metastasis At Diagnosis What Is The Life Expectancy?

In stage 4B pancreatic cancer w/ liver, bladder metastasis at diagnosis what is the life expectancy? - liver cancer diagnosis more condition_symptoms

My uncle 65yr / 50yrs men smoke. It was a golf ball size tumor in the bladder by biopsy after severe jaundice, unbearable pain, which often (noddining chronic fatigue, rapid weight loss about 60 pounds over a period of less than several chair diagnosed month), dark urine, gray, sudden incidence of stomach pain ... Gerd ie, diabetes, etc., and disabling weakness. I stayed with him for, what they've seen, they deteriorate the last 2Mo. How far is it? Can someone with some background information about this topic, I am not a diagnostic opinion or personal experience? I know it's definitely inoperable.


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