Sunday, November 8, 2009

Clip Art On Mental Health How Do I Easily Add Clip Art To Photos?

How do I easily add clip art to photos? - clip art on mental health

I have a picture of dogs that I use for my Christmas card, but I thought it would be nice, little Santa hats on them or add something. I tried to clip art, but I could not, as I wanted to run. Is there a program or website to help me make it easy for himself?


nikkiluv said...

Photoshop or paintshot are the best programs there, but if you hurry and have no time to be able to demo these programs, or the money to have downloaded the full program, Microsoft Power Point.
top, click Insert, and click on the image file and locate the desired image. Click OK and adjust the size of the slide. then insert a clip, that's all there. Note that when you're done, click Save As and save it as a JPEG format to be replaced.

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